PROJECTS – English

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Short Form

1. Editing and updating the site
The Collection of documentation is provided by the members.ciocan

a. Writing heading „Noble Families”
Create the catalog of Romanians historic noble families and their collection of description.

b. Writing heading „Broken Stories”
Carefully lift the dust of time filed by the proletariat of that time over destinies broken and forgotten. We make public the story untold, unspoken, hidden in the resigned hearts of the survivors and handed down to us as a confession.

c. Writing heading „We, today”
We have the opportunity to resurrect an atmosphere where with dignity, respect and admiration to present our self as blood oblige us, as we have inherited, as we love and because we want to give an example.

2. Continuing research „Family Genealogy”
Posting the family tree that contains useful information for completing with new members and elucidation of past times.
Project initiated and led by Christian Em. de Hillerin – BucureÈ™ti.

3. The program „Heritage” – Recovery of fortunes
Association declares itself as Part in the processes for recovery the members’ fortunes that were abusively confiscated by the communist regime. Regained values will form the Association expanded heritage.
Project manager: Christian Em. de Hillerin – BucureÈ™ti.

4. The program „Home Again” – Arranging headquarters
Our grandmother’s dowry house, located in Palade Street Bucharest, after nationalization, and returning in the possession of the family is headquarter for the Association. Achieving adequate space and the foundation of the meeting point is essentials.

5. The program „Cenacle Hillerin” – meetings, counseling, seminars
Investigative work to supply the proposed headings, data processing of the informative material and concentration of the edition dates will take place in the form of round table. The debates will be held in Bucharest at the Association headquarters or at Dora Farm by digital mediated contact.
Project initiated and led by Pierre-Joseph de Hillerin – BucureÈ™ti.

6. The program „Refuge in the country” – Dora Farm Camp
The Founder residence it is a place for calling, dating, quiet for rest days and creative meditation.
Project initiated and led by Theodora Hillerin – Ferma Dora – Bacău.

7. The program „Riding and Kids’ – Education and Sports
At country Farm Dora we offer nature, air, sun, agriculture, barn and horse. In a homely atmosphere and under qualified supervision courses for young equestrian riding future instructors are conducted.
The initiating of an improvement program for warmblooded horse breeds by selection of genetic material.
Expansion is expected through recreational activity.
Project Manager: Anca Roman-Popovici – Ferma Dora – Bacău.

8. The program „Silvana Cup” – Riding Contest
This year takes place the 3rd edition of Silvana Cup. Contest organized to encourage riding and links between similar riding clubs.
The event and the awards ceremony take place on the Dora Farm.
Project Manager: Anca Roman-Popovici – Ferma Dora – Bacău..

9. The program „Tip of the Spear” – Training for highly gifted children
The Association initiative is to select and train highly gifted children in order to gain exceptional results through an appropriate form of extracurricular training. These activities will take place in Bucharest.
Project initiated and led by Anna-Mihaela de Hillerin – BucureÈ™ti..

10. The program „Handmade” – Education through skill and art of beauty
Workshop and decoration course.
Project initiated and led by Marga Ioan de Hillerin – GalaÈ›i.

11. The program „Another year in school” – School supplies for children
The goal is collecting supplies and donations for children that are unable to secure the minimum necessary to start the school year.
Project initiated and led by Marga Ioan de Hillerin – GalaÈ›i.

Funding for these projects until the collection of a budget of the Association is made by the founder as a loan.

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